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“Thumkistore is dealing with clothing and accessories, Handblock printed shirts and other home decors”


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Our story

Thumki Store is an online store to sell handmade curated products. We sell what we believe people will love to hold dear. Our customers like look and feel of our products because we don’t mass produce them. We give great care and attention to each and every product that we craft or source. We sell what we ourselves would like to buy. Our reviewers have been giving feedback that is more than a simple “good” or “nice” because our products have encouraged them, inspired them to write more personalized reviews. Our shirts, our stoles, our ceramics all have been widely liked because we remember that as shoppers we look for blend of beauty, quality and affordability. We promise we will keep looking for products that you adore and treasure more and more. – with love, Thumki.